Mid-Atlantic Renewables now aggregating SREC's

Mid-Atlantic Renewables has now been approved to aggregate Solar Renewable Energy Credits in PA, NJ, MD, DE and OH. It is our goal for not only our customers but the renewable energy market to take away all the layers and create transparency. We now can take a customer from development phase to revenue generation by selling their SREC's directly to utilities. We have negotiated with several Utilities in multiple states to sell SREC's. This is important because as each state reaches its Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard or RPS, SREC value will change based on supply and demand.

As many people know PA has the lowest RPS goal in "the grid" which means that the SREC's made in each year can be achieved very quickly. One way to mitigate this risk is to sell those SREC's in other states other than NJ. We will aggregate your SREC's along with other projects to maximize revenue. As customers become more knowledgeable in the solar industry they will realize that it's too much work to sell 5 or 6 SREC's and maybe they are not getting the most long term return on their money. We will gladly sell other customer's or installer's SREC's which only strengthens our portfolio.

Installing is only one part of the process and in a 30 year lifespan; 1 week of installation is small relative to the revenue and savings your project has. It is very important that customers invest in their renewable energy project to absorb every minute from the sun and generate the most return on their money. Whether its maintenance, warranties or post installation services such as SREC's Mid-Atlantic Renewables can now take every customer through the entire process.

We believe strongly that renewable energy is not a part time business or something to hold you over until the economy picks up. We spend every day in the renewable energy market talking with manufacturers, legislators, educators in making sure we are ahead of the market and not simply trying to fix what should have happened.

If you are interested more in Solar Renewable Energy Credits such as electric or thermal generation please contact us at 610-533-0942 or joseph@marenewables.com