Mid-Atlantic Renewables Finishes 60kw commercial Solar PV system


Mid-Atlantic Renewables has just successfully completed a commercial 60kw solar electric system for Overhead Door Co. of Allentown. This system will produce 100% of the yearly electrical needs of the the customer. This project is a ballasted or "non-penetrating" installation where the solar system is weighted down on the roof. Great care was taken during the installation due to having an original lose rock covering. We hired a local company to suck the stone off the roof to prevent any damage to the roof and maximize installation time. The system consisted of 222 Suntech 270w panels with 2 PV Powered 30kw inverters. The electrical service was upgraded to handle the PV system and was included in the cost.


Due to the size required and the roof space available we were able to turn the system 180 degrees south to maximize sun absorption and energy production. Mid-Atlantic (MA) renewables did the design/build, acquired all permits, state and federal grant paperwork and has agreed to sell the SREC's for the customer in PA and OH.


Due to the recent Federal Grant Extension, new Tax Cut and Small Business bills recently passed by the government Overhead Door will see a payback of less than 3 years, included dramatically decreasing their tax liability for 2010.


If you would like to hear more about the project and see how your business can benefit the same way, please contact Joe at 610-533-0942 or joseph@marenewables.com.




Pictures coming soon!!!