Mid-Atlantic Renewables to construct 75kw Commercial Roof Mount Solar Array

  Mid-Atlantic Renewables (MAR) has signed with a well known business to construct a 75kw Commercial Rooftop Solar System. This will produce 100% of the companies energy needs over the entire year. In a competitive solar market with dwindling rebates MA Renewables was chosen because of its ability to produce a project that is financially viable in the current state of the economy. Even though the state rebates are well below what they were a year ago, MAR has the ability to provide projects that work for their customers.

 The company looked at other companies and along with MAR's track record of customer recommendations; it was well below any competitor. The companies’ account thoroughly reviewed the project finances and realized that MAR's installation cost allowed the customer to fund the project even without the accelerated depreciation option available to renewable energy projects.

 The customer will pay back the project in as little as two years and if the project is financed will have a positive cash flow throughout the loan and offset all of their energy needs.

 Mid-Atlantic Renewables goal is very simple: Find out what solution the customer is looking for and design a project to fit those needs.

 More projects to come soon so stay tuned. If you are interested in discussing how we provide positive cash flow projects feel free to contact us to see if your company can see the same benefits of MAR's customers.