MA Solar to install multiple Solar Hot Water Systems

MA Solar a division of Mid-Atlantic Renewables will be installing multiple Solar Hot Water Systems. Since Pennsylvania has increased the state rebate to 35% of the project cost it increases payback to 3-4 years. Solar Hot Water (SHW) also is not heavily leveraged on SREC (solar renewable energy credits) so payback is a fixed time frame.

We include in almost every proposal SHW because it can increase our customer's KWH/sq foot generation by 40% which in the long term creates more production from your roof. Solar Hot water systems can feed any household heating need from Natural Gas, propane, Fuel Oil or electric. SHW also adds an additional 80 to 120 gallons of instant hot water.

If you would like more information on Solar Hot Water please contact Joe at or 610-533-0942


Enjoy the Sun!