MA Renewables is recognized as PA DEP approved PV installer

  MA Renewables has now been approved by the state of Pennsylvania to offer rebates to its customers for residential and commercial applications. MA Renewables believes that having everyone trained and consistently involved with solar energy brings the highest quality product with the best performance and always the most cost effective installation costs. We have also passed the entry level NABCEP national exam.

 We can offer all of our customers in Pennsylvania the same rebate level as other installer in the state. We keep costs low so investing in solar energy becomes an easy decision.

We continue to believe that to be successful in the solar and renewable energy industry you need to be dedicated full time to stay on top of current design, financing and pricing trends. We strive to have the highest quality designs that strictly adhere to the NEC code standards. We will never sacrifice design and performance quality!

We are currently in the process of applying in Deleware and New Jersey.

Keep checking the site because we already have 4 customer projects under construction and gallery pictures will be up soon.

There is truly a difference with MA Renewables.