MA Renewables now offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's)

Does your business not have the Tax appetitie to benefit from accelerated depreciation? Does your company lack the capital to invest in a renewable a energy project? Do you feel that energy rates are rising........Well then a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is something to consider.

A PPA is essentialy a third party or investor group who has a track record of investing in renewable energy projects. They own the system on your roof and your company simply pays for the energy it produces, and most times that rate is lower than your current retail rate.  70-75% of all solar projects in North America are PPA's, so you are not looking at some type of "too good to be true" type of financing. Companies such as Staples, Kohl's and other Fortune 500 companies have multiple projects in which they have no up front costs, but enjoy long term renewable energy at rates less that retail rates.

What does that mean?

-No out of pocket expenses

-Consistent energy costs over 10-20 year terms

-Immediate savings from the first day

-Can be done with leased spaces

-No maintenance requirements

-Solar Hot Water PPA's also available if your company uses large amounts of hot water

It truly is as simply as that. MA Renewables has partnered with multiple investor groups that can offer very aggressive electricity rates designed to give your company dramatic savings over a long period of time.

MA Renewables continues to offer the most financing options because we feel that renewable energy is affordable for any type of company in any type of economy.

Please contact us  to discuss how a PPA can work for your company.