Dedicated to Installing & Maintaining Renewable Energy Solutions

The Mission of Mid-Atlantic Renewables is simple: to provide the right energy technology for each customer's need, at an affordable cost.

We are dedicated to creating, designing, installing and maintaining renewable energy projects that can provide virtually the same cost of electricity as fossil fuel based supplied electricity. We handle your project from beginning to end and beyond.

Our Installation costs are more than just an installation, we include:

  • Site surveys; We evaluate your site for it's feasibility to use renewable energy and how it fits into your current electrical network
  • Evaluation of all available incentives from Federal, State and Utility based programs
  • Designs by electrical, mechanical and structural engineers that specialize in Renewable Energy projects
  • Comprehensive installation from permitting to final inspections
  • We offer multiples avenues of financing: PPA (Power Purchase Agreements), Capital Lease, Commercial Loans
  • Sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits
  • Wireless monitoring to manage your investment
  • Training your company's staff to work with renewable energy installations
  • All applicable taxes